CG Trailer Katarina[UPDATED 8/26/2010]

CG Trailer Katarina[UPDATED 8/26/2010]

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8/26/2010 UPDATES:
-Fixed the holes that appeared in Katarina's hair
-Fixed her sword so that it doesn't stretch out when Katarina throws a bouncing blade

Please leave feedback here as well:

I had to do a lot more work on this then I wanted too, mainly because apparently if you want to change the UV map you have to paint the weights as well. So I hope you all enjoy :D.

This skin is supposed to make Katarina look like she did in the season 1 CG trailer. The changes from top down:
-Hair is now a dark red instead of pink
-Hair is using mercenary skin texture instead of the default
-Fixed an eyebrow spot that was blue instead of red
-Lips are now a more natural color instead of pink
-Belts and straps are brown instead of black
-Sheaths are brown instead of black
-Katarina now has a dragon tattoo on her stomach(this was the hard part)
-Leg guards and spikes recolored
-Ankle pads completely redone
-Shoes redone.

Anyway, check below for some screen shots. Also if you notice any glitches please let me know.

Some known glitches:

I will fix these things when I can.


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