Shen as SUB-ZERO from MKD (Not Frozen Shen)

Shen as SUB-ZERO from MKD (Not Frozen Shen)

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Hi, this is my FIRST SKIN, so please feel free to make comments or rate, it took me almost a week to make.

This is a skin for Shen inspired by Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat Deception. It has nothing to do with frost Shen from Riot that some would call sub-zero Shen, I made a complete relook of the character at the image of Sub-zero. Included is the skin a load screen, some particle and more...

I made the swords disappear from his back since Sub-Zero does not a have a sword on his back, also I took off the two middle hat pins so it makes 3 like subzero instead of 5.

Some particles I included:
-Icy Blue Vorpal Blade and Blue Healing Rings
-Icy Blue Crossed Swords, poofs and shield on Feint
-Blue/Ice Blue Glowing Hands instead of Purple/Red
-Blue Ki Strike Attack
-Blue Shadow Dash rings on the floor.
-And some more....

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