Mars Attacks Heimerdinger V2 (New Turrets)

Mars Attacks Heimerdinger V2 (New Turrets)

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Most probably remember my Mars Attacks Heimerdinger.
Well it seems Riot took a hint and actually made the turrets with concentric rings.
Just like my original model was retextured to appear like coincidentally.

Well the turrets looked....odd in their color design.
I've decided to bring it back, like before, to the inspiration material.

This pack contains my original Mars Attacks skin, in-game HUD pictures, loading screen, and now new turrets.

Installation is very easy. (The current setup will override the classic skin and classic turrets. At request I will provide file names and guide to replace the legendary skin instead)

Simply place the folders, not the files from the folders but the folders themselves, from the Characters folder into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Characters

Then place the files from the Particles folder into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Particles

Questions, Comments, and Criticisms welcome.

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Submitted by Veigun

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