Epidemic Singed

Epidemic Singed

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This is a full model swap based on my concept of Epidemic Singed (http://scodo.deviantart.com/art/Epidemic-Singed-289207979) which has Singed dressed in the attire of a renaissance plague doctor.

The skin also includes a loading screen image cropped from the original artwork.

There is some stretching of the lantern/hand during the idle animation in which he tosses it into the air, but other than that it is not noticeable.

Another issue I experienced was that on my own computer the texture only displays on the backfaces of polygons, though when tested on another computer the problem was not present. If you are seeing this issue I do not know of a solution despite several hours of troubleshooting. Sorry.

To Use:: Download edSinged.zip, and unzip the contents to your hard drive. Install using Dargon (http://www.itzwarty.com/Download-Dargon/) or any other skin installation utility and play.

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