Bioforge Darius skin v 1.0 whit custom Particles!

Bioforge Darius skin v 1.0 whit custom Particles!

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Hi everyone, my first skin ever.

Bioforge darius whit custom particles and fyllu working spells whitout texture glitches.

This skin includes:
-Original riot model
-Complete particles (W spell makes darius suit to shine just as the original one)
-champion selection image
-splash art

Things im working on for the 1.5 version:
-backpack tanks animations and sounds
-R spells green liquid particle (hard to find still ik i can do it xD)

Plz guys, before posting "hey dude fuck you the skin isnt working" or "reported for riot skin" i strongly recommend you to read the TXT file inside the skin folder i shared to you or in other ways just test the skin, should noticed soon that is a custom version after all so no laws inflicted.

There are further installation instructions in the same TXT file metioned before.
Have fun. post your feedback :)
sorry for any grammar mistake im not a native speaker (NO! im not mexican -.-")

just noticed a little problem whit the .fsb sound archive causing all darius spells to have no sound...
to resolve this, uninstall the skin (suposing you alredy installed it), next go to the skin data folder, an locate a file named "lol_sfx_darius.fsb", delete it and reinstall the skin, should work ;)

Due to the recent riot patch, the "alert.jpg" instruction file is now useless, in a good way i mean, raf doesnt request a repath, so now is even more easy to install the skin, read the "presentation" file to more in deep details of the skin and the screenshots! ;)

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