Ghost Akali

Ghost Akali

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Hi everyone!

I'm sure you know that amazing art around the internet, about Ghost Akali. It's an amazing piece of art, and i would definetly buy it if it would be an official skin. Sadly i dunno who the artist is except the signature on the picture: Mist. O. All my respect is yours kind sir/lady. I made a try in doing a similar texture, but it's not even close to the art. Did some particles to make it "ghostly". I hope you like it guys. Enjoy!

All the rights of the art goes to the author.
The texture belongs to me.

-Custom skin

Best regards from Ylaziel.

If you wanna play with me, I'm on EuNE with the summoner name Ylaziel, if you wanna start playing:

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Submitted by Ylaziel

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