Pimp Jax 2.0 (by MMKH)

Pimp Jax 2.0 (by MMKH)

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Update 13/03/2011: Fixed diamond skin weights

Have you ever wondered what Jax spends all his winnings on after all his consecutive wins in the League? Well now we know! Jax now sports some luxurious clothes complete with purple leather and leopard fur, as well as top hat, shoes, and a huge gold chain necklace. To top it off, he left his rusty old lamppost at the arena for his new extravagant pimp cane! Solid gold and tipped with the biggest, most glamourous diamond that would make even Taric jealous!

Based on my very first custom skin ever created for League of Legends, the original Pimp Jax.

3D model modified with the help of renticletape's LoL Custom Skin Model Tool-kit.

Includes skin texture file, loading screen, portrait icons, and particle re-colours (golden Counter Strike bubble, spectrum Empower glow).

Note: The animations are not 100% perfect, I had to paint weights in Maya from scratch without any help so some polygon clipping may occur. Fortunately this is not noticeable when zoomed out.

-copy the DATA folder into your Riot Games "game" directory

Now get out there and beat your enemies with style! :)

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