Frozen Ezreal with custom Particles

Frozen Ezreal with custom Particles

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I did this as a request from a friend of mine who had bought the skin, and thought I'd upload it on here aswell - if anyone else was interested. The guy I did it for wasn't too happy that there wasn't anything new done to the skin besides a recolour, so he asked me to make the particles match.

I know that the skin isn't exactly something I created myself, but thought I'd atleast give the people who bought the skin an option to get some particles to match - so if you're here looking for a self-made skin, you're looking in the wrong place :).

There's two files in the '.zip', of with the particles only, and one with the 'Frozen Ezreal' skin + particles. If you've already bought the skin, just extract the 'Particles' folder to your 'League of Legends\Game\Data' folder.

If you do not own the skin, you need to open the folder called 'Skin + Particles' and extract it to 'League of Legends\Game\Data' - this will allow you to use the 'Frozen Ezreal' skin in-game when you select the standard skin for Ezreal, including the particles.

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