Celestial Ezreal - With particles.

Celestial Ezreal - With particles.

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I have worked on the particles and tried my best (as allways). It was kinda\\\' complicated with all those files but personally i think i have done it great :) .

There are two minuses:
- I can\\\'t show you how the spells look as they change while flying (color). But i promise 100% that you will like it! :P it\\\'s awesome!
- I didn\\\'t find how to change the Trueshot Barrage (Ult.) spell, so it\\\'s left unchanged.

PS: If anyone can tell me how to change the Ult., I\\\'m willing to do so. (which files etc.) Would be awesome :)

UPDATE: So i have added some screeshots of MS and the autoattack. (But again, the mystic shot looks much better ingame, this is only a small example)
Essence flux and Arcane shift are almost as normal, added some cool red glows. :) Enjoy!

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