Swashbuckler Katarina

Swashbuckler Katarina

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I had this idea back when I started playing LoL and realized Katarina's potential for an awesome eyepatch since she's one of few, if not the only champion with a full face texture!

I really enjoyed making and using this skin (especially when playing with Gangplank), and thought it would be nice to share it. I hope you guys enjoy it, too.
After bugging my wife for a loading screen picture, I thought this might be something to at least "tide" some of us over until Riot unleashes more Pirates onto the Fields of Justice. :P

The full picture the loading screen was taken from can be found here:

UPDATE(8/9/2010) - Air Assets Package added. IMPORTANT - Read the Readme file included in the archive for backup and installation instructions.
Download here:
This optional package replaces the standard Katarina backgrounds, icons, and skin selection "card" for the air client.

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