[naPz] Hellspawn Kayle

[naPz] Hellspawn Kayle

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"Good girls come to heaven, bad girls kick your ass" - Hellspawn Kayle

Hello together,

this is naPz.Thukio again, with a new Kayle skin. Its a demon themed Kayle, with lots of retexturing, no only recolors. So without anymore words, here it is:

Hellspawn Kayle

Changes implemented:

- added demon wings, 100% reskin
- black armor
- molten sword
- you see more of Kayle´s skin
- flame ornaments
- skull shoulder pads
- glowing demon eyes
- Loading Screen

Installation Instructions:

The Skin contains 1 folder "Judicator" (2 files)

Put the folder "Judicator" under your directory:

... \League of Legends\Game\DATA\Characters\HERE

Enjoy the Skin! Feedback is allways welcome... and now, earn yourself some souls!

You can see ingame pics, and the loading screen here:


with kind regards


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Submitted by Thukio

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