[naPz] Plaguelord Mordekaiser - Nurgle´s Darling

[naPz] Plaguelord Mordekaiser - Nurgle´s Darling

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Hello together,

this is naPz.Thukio from the EU Servers again with my new Mordekaiser skin. It is themed abround Nurgle, the Pestilence Lord, a chaos god in the Warhammer universe.

So, here he is: Plague Mordekaiser - Nurgle´s Darling

Changes implemented:

- added Loading Screen suiting the skin
- Green skin, with lots of Details
- new Cape (Dear Riot, Capes do not move like that!!!! Damn!)
- particles changed to rusty metal
- Ahh... just see for yourself.. what do i have pics for?

Installation Instructions:

The Skin contains 2 folders "Mordekaiser" and "Particles"

Put the folder "Mordekaiser" under your directory:

... \League of Legends\Game\DATA\Characters\HERE

Put the folder "Particles" under your directory:

... \League of Legends\Game\DATA\HERE

If you allready have a Particles folder, but the content in there.

Enjoy the Skin! Feedback is allways welcome... spread some deseases on the battlefield!

with kind regards


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