1.0 Katarina the Bloodblade by Blackflame

1.0 Katarina the Bloodblade by Blackflame

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I was inspired by many skin ideas of the Katarina skins to create this one. I played a long time with a changed version of Christophos Elektra skin http://leaguecraft.com/skins/921,%28Request%29+Elektra+Katarina before I created this one.

This is a pretty sexy version of Katarina and I call her, Katarina the Bloodblade.


So here are the changes


-Red Leather

-Blood steel blades/protectors

-Steel caps on her boots for better kicking action ;P

-Black hair

-Hot pants

-Sexy red fishnets

-Replaced scar with a blackflame tattoo

-Removed spikes,daggers,extra blades and torso belts


-Blood steel bouncing blades

-Red glowing killer instincts

-The purple shonpu smoke is now more like dust which is red colored by the blood of Katarinas enemies :P

-Death lotus dagger are now also made of blood steel, and there is now a little blood dust whirl around Katarina as long as she keeps spinning

Load screen/HUD:

-Changed the loading screen picture (it's an wallpaper of the mercenary Katarina which i recolored)

-Changed the character HUD-pictures ingame

-Changed the voracity picture because it's damn ugly ^^

Changes 25.06.2010:

-Skill icons are recolored and look bloody!

-Tried the blood effect on killer instinct but while she runs it looks like blood-shit-goo-stuff on her hands so the old version stays!

-Changed the voracity icon again to something suitable

Planed changes:

-Recolor the track of the bouncing blades as soon as I find out which files I need to change

-May be changing the loading screen again (I am actually bad at drawing stuff so if anyone likes the skin SO much that he does a fan art or something it would be friking awesome ^^) But will try to shoop an ingame scene or something ^^

-Will try to make a new skin with the new "red card Katarina"-model propably putting more sex in it ;D


I hope you enjoy the skin!

Thanks for all the downloads, votes and comments! Hopefully i meet some of you guys ingame ^^

If anyone have some great ideas or requests you can name them, may be i will use them in one of the next versions

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