Sexy Female Ezreal with Sound

Sexy Female Ezreal with Sound

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***UPDATED AS OF 12/12/2013***

This skin loads if you use LGG's latest SIU;
The only bug so far is that Ezreal still has the cavity in her/his hips.

This is the sexy female Ezreal by Showmeyourmoves.
I got his permission and everything so :D

There is another skin called "Sexy Ezreal" Since that skin hasn't been updated I've decided to create a new skin page.

I've replace Ezreal's voice with LeBlanc's. This skin includes both the sounds and the skin..

Once you download the files, unzip until you have two folders. One will be Female Ezreal Skin and one will be Female Ezreal Sounds. Install the sounds using SIU. Just drag and drop. When installing, a menu will pop up, make sure the "Install New Sounds" box is checked.

To install his skin, run SIU then let it finish loading. Drop the Female Ezreal Skin folder into SIU then install it. More information on how to use SIU here:

To install the sounds, you can either use SIU or Unreal Tournament Announcer Mod (LoL). For the SIU method, drag and drop the sound files into SIU then install. When installing make sure "Install Sound Mod " is checked. If you want to install using Unreal Tournament Announcer Mod (LoL), then follow this guide that I made:

If you have any problems, please post with as much details as possible (i.e. the problem, your OS, your server, etc.)

Oh and one last thing, the taunts and jokes won\'t match up with his animation. Replacing his animation with LeBlanc's doesn't work. If someone knows of a way to properly replace animation, then feel free to do so and post the files.

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