Moekaiser | D-Desulation is coming... d - desu.

Moekaiser | D-Desulation is coming... d - desu.

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YouTube-Trailer: (Video without LilyPichu's Voice.)
League of Legend's Board Thread:

Includes: LilyPichu's Voice, moe particles, moe model with moe animations, moe costum Text (skills, shop etc), moe graphics, moe recommended items (not a need). Also, tsundere content.

Check out: for /quicker/ future updates.
Pika7 Moe-Art Thread:

- Nekres: managment, graphics (ui/hud, particles), (de)compiling, sounds
- ProgSys: modeling, animations, texture
- LilyPichu: ridiculous cute voice of moekaiser.
- Tom94: C++ programming (LolTool.exe)
- (& pika7: Artist of Moekaiser on DeviantArt.)

(You'll need WinRAR or any other unpacking program.)

Step 1

Download Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) and unpack it to your hard drive.

Example of where to unpack SIU:

Important: It has to be located directly upon the same hard drive where League of Legends is installed on, otherwise it wouldn't work correctly!

(You can even use the RAF Manager, but bear in mind that RAF Manager does NOT support installation of graphics for the AIR Launcher and does NOT support installation of the (Moe-)Kaiser sounds by LilyPichu!
If you're still using RAF Manager, use our little external program LolTool.exe by Tom94 to install at least the graphics of (Moe-)Kaiser for the AIR Launcher.)

How to use LolTool:

In the skinfolder of Moekaiser you'll find these files:

- LolTool.exe,
- a folder called "replace" and
- a config.ini.

The folder called "replace" contains the graphic files (splashart etc.) for the shop (AIR Launcher)!

Start LolTool.exe and it should now replace the default ones with the graphics in the 'replace' folder.
If LolTool.exe outputs an error in it's command line window, close it and open the config.ini with Notepad.
Manualy insert & replace the example path you'll see there with your own path to the League of Legends Directory contaning the lol.launcher.admin.exe and lol.launcher.exe.
Start LolTool.exe again and it should work, if it doesn't, I'd recommend you using SIU.

Step 2

Start SIU and wait until it finished loading all the Game Content of League of Legends.

Step 2.5 (If you're NOT playing on North American servers with USA sound settings.)

Click on Debug at the top of the window and then click Set Sound File Location
In the appeared window click on the red 2. Browse Button and navigate to
[...]\Riot Games\League of Legends\rads\projects\lol_game_client_xx_XX\manage dfiles\0.0.0.xx\DATA\Sounds\FMOD\VOBank_xx_XX.fsb

The Xs in the path of the Example stays for 1. "xx_XX" your Countryshort and 2. "xx" the newest version-value of League of Legends.

Some valid Countryshorts:
de_DE would be Germany (Deutschland)
en_GB would be English, but on the EUWest servers.
en_US would be English but on the North American servers.
Just find the folder with the highest version-value and continue following the path.

In the FMOD folder click and open the file VOBank_xx_XX.fsb

Step 3

Click on the tab ==Add New Skin= and then
drag & drop the (Moe-) Archieve onto the white blank of the SIU window.

If it's asking you about a Mordekaiser.mp3, just select your prober Mordekaiser.mp3 path by finding
your countryshort folder and the folder with the highest version-value in the selection column you'll see.
(Also make sure, that the Mordekaiser.mp3 at the end of the path has an uppercase M.)

Agree with all following windows, if any should appear.

Step 4

Click on the tab ==Install Existing Skin= and
make a check on the checkbox positioned before the new added (Moe-)Kaiser Costum Model column, then
click on the Install Button at the bottom of the window and it should now install the (Moe-)Kaiser Costum Model.

Agree with all following windows, if any should appear.

If the progress is near finished, you can select which one of the Mordekaiser skins should be replaced with the (Moe-)Kaiser skin. Don't make any changes there, if you're using the basic skin of Mordekaiser.

Step 5

Close SIU and start League of Legends.

Have Fun!

Known Bugs and issue solving:
A: My (Moe-)Kaiser sounds are all garbled and cut off after an League of Legends Update.
B: You already should be warned by SIU before the installation about this, but you have to reinstall the whole (Moe-)Kaiser Skin if that happens.

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