Nasus, Druid of the Frozen North by Apoc

Nasus, Druid of the Frozen North by Apoc

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A few days ago after an awesome Nasus game, I wondered "What would it look like if Nasus ripped off the stupid cap, broke his staff over his knee and took to mauling people with tooth and claw?" That's where this idea came from. The siberian husky face and the absence of the helmet somehow makes him feel more feral. Now I can't really look at the default Nasus without laughing a little. Looks downright goofy to me. goes in ..\Characters\Nasus, all others go in the Particles folder.

Also, check out my other skin:
Feedback please!

EDIT: Added a loadscreen. Also, here's a video demo of the skin:

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Submitted by ApocalypseHydra

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