Darkside Yi

Darkside Yi

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A requested skin.
Worked with the community as I decided to go above and beyond my normal skins and release multiple colors to appease the masses.
Decided on 4 colors; Red, Orange, Green, and Purple.

Each color comes with its own set of particles, in game art, splash screens, load screens, and icons.

For a better preview, comments, etc
Please visit;

The folders are set into the same folder hierarchy that exists on your client already, however if you need more help understanding where the files go please use the following directions.

The files from the air folder should go into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/air/assets/images/champions

the files from the characters folder go into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Characters/MasterYi

the files from the particles folder go into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Particles

Please leave questions, comments, and criticisms here or on the release thread.

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Submitted by Veigun

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