Mythologic Cassio Bronze/Gold with/without laurels

Mythologic Cassio Bronze/Gold with/without laurels

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Here you can find all my skins :

5 skins here with small differences.

I tried to install it as one folder but it didn't succeed. I don't know why.

You have to add with SIU the folder ''[PART 1] Cassiopeia mythologique''; as if it was a complete skin. After add also the folders ''[PART 2]........''; as if they were complete skins.

To explain to you how to install one of these skins after that, I'm giving you an example :

If you want to install the skin ''[PART 2]Cassiopeia mythologique BLEU-BRONZE'', install it on SIU AND install also the 'skin' ''[PART 1]Cassiopeia mythologique''t;. It works with me.

I tried to merge the two folders in one and to install it with SIU as just one skin. But it didn't work oO...

I hope I'm understandable ^^. If you have a question, I'll be glad to answer it if I'm able to.

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