Zyra, The Night elf druid of the Thorn

Zyra, The Night elf druid of the Thorn

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I love Night elves, maybe the only reason i played WoW for some time. The colors, their style and culture, i just loved it. And i was sad that in WoW it wasnt so great in game, especially their clothings...
When i first saw Zyra i had it in mind that i want to make a skin for her, and the plant things reminded me of the druids of the Thorn so i decided to make a skin for her. I hope you will like it. My girly heart loved all the colors i could work with, i hope you will like it too.

The skin includes:
-5 Hair colors
-Recolored plants

I hope you like it!

Sincerely, Ylaziel

If you wanna play with me, I'm on EuNE with the summoner name Ylaziel, if you wanna start playing: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e994962e02be973288704

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