[naPz] Demon Spawn Rammus

[naPz] Demon Spawn Rammus

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This is an !! altered !! Version of the Chrome Rammus skin made by Riot. You can use it as your normal Rammus skin and it does not require you to have the Chrome Rammus Version.

Changes implemented:

- added copper colored armor parts
- spikes with more color transition and light spots
- removed the "grin" on his face
- new loading screen
- all stances are changed (Powerball, defensive Curl)
- more lightpoints on the skin

Installation Instructions:

The Skin contains 3 folders.

- Armordillo
- Armordillo_DBC
- Armordillo_PB

Put all 3 of them under your directory:

... \League of Legends\Game\DATA\Characters\HERE

Enjoy the Skin! Feedback is allways welcome... If you think this is the exact same thing as the chrome rammus skin, compare them, you will be surprised.

with kind regards


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Submitted by Thukio

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