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Redgar 2: The blue steel elite soldier *UPDATED*

Version 2.1: I redid his shoulder completely, now it has layered textures. Also fixed the strength of some red parts ...

XarsYs - 817 views - Updated: 13 hours ago
Reaper Reaper Soraka

I loved that there was a Reaper Soraka skin to come out, but RIOT ruined it with recoloring it to a purple mummy. I ...

XarsYs - 822 views
Red Lyrium Irelia

Red Lyrium Irelia This is for the Frost Blade skin. Sort of based of off the Dragon Age 3 red lyrium, but I just t...

logoman900 - 1,248 views
White Voidling Snow Day Malzahar

White voidling for Snow Day Malzahar skin. Simple recolor/balance. YOU NEED THE SKIN ITSELF - this is just a textur...

XarsYs - 3,862 views - Updated: 1 day, 17 hours ago
Tron Zed Is Online !!! + Particles and animations

*****YOU MUST THIS READ IF YOU WANT TO USE THE SKIN***** How to download and use without having the SKT T1 Skin ? ...

corruption99 - 3,888 views - Updated: 4 hours ago
Electric RekSai

Install with SIU or RAF Manager. Post any suggestions if you like my work.

WeedPROvider - 4,482 views
Water Moon Akali + Particles

Blood moon / Crimson Akali retexture + Blue particles. U can also use this skin for any other Akali skin. Installat...

JuicedSKLZ - 2,030 views - Updated: 4 days, 18 hours ago
Karma - Bayonetta (2)

A skin inspired by Bayonetta's redesign in her second game. Particle effects not edited. Important note: Karma...

RudeRubicante - 2,004 views
Nidalee Blonde Request

Simply a recolor. Changed Hair and tone on her skin

Kongen - 1,990 views - Updated: 5 days, 16 hours ago
Kirito Master Yi

Play Master Yi as your main character in Sword Art Online series, Kirito. This skin includes : - New Model - Custo...

TeeNeeTiny - 18,681 views

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