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multicolored jhin

4 colour Jhin

alexanderxictaler - 290 views
Jhin Battlecast

Video Preview : Cinematic mask ( I redraw it to match the trailer ^......

Guilaster - 366 views - Updated: 5 hours ago
Leprechaun Lux

This is my first skin. I love lux so I made it for her. My favorite color is green that's why I choose Leprechaun ^_^

aihara17 - 210 views
[Seriously] How to get skin(zip) on

nurahuy - 322 views - Updated: 15 hours ago
Pixel Veigar

This is my 1st skin I hope u like it if u have any suggestions im open for it Pls follow me too get the newest up...

MrBRokoli - 539 views - Updated: 52 minutes ago
Chaotic LolliPoppy

Fixed the ugly W and bright Passive. Enjoy!

DirenChan - 455 views

Better examples images coming soon! Hope you enjoy! This skin have custom particles! --HOW TO INSTALL: ~Open ...

xDeltarisx - 339 views
Upgreaded and Tweaked void illaoi

darkenned a few areas Etc

TentaHentai - 399 views - Updated: 1 day, 7 hours ago
Blue Diana (w/ Water Particles)

This is my 3rd "Blue" skin (See also, "Blue Katarina" & "Blue Ahri") The Full P...

Thornnn - 700 views - Updated: 1 day, 18 hours ago
Order of the Lotus Jhin [+Particles]

An Order of the Lotus inspired skin for Jhin, the Virtuoso. Includes particles for all spells.

Vordie - 1,375 views

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