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Classic Garen

Slight remodeling and heavy reskin of current Garen to make him appear closer to his old self.

ilovelegendleague - 61 views - Updated: 6 hours ago
Fishnet Taric (Base, Green, Pink)

replaced base and emerald face with pink taric's face cause it's better :p gave pink taric some cheetah print leg wa...

Hummus on Bread - 98 views - Updated: 7 hours ago
Jotaro / TPA Shen

I used TPA Shen to do this mod and you do not need use the skin , just click in the classic skin of Shen. Jotaro is t...

Felie Dantas - 218 views

Requested and I replied. I hope since this is a OLD skin that i dont get banned.

squido - 138 views
Touchdown Sion

My next custom skin has arrived, hope you like it :) Here is my facebook page, if you would like to follow my fu...

DMNK - 893 views
HellShadow Shaco (For Classic Shaco)

model of the wild card shaco : P Check Out TentaHentai's skin for wild card shaco (featured in the third image)! ht...

iceyShardZ - 575 views - Updated: 1 day, 20 hours ago
Darkshadow Shaco (for wild card shaco)

Check Out IceyShardZ HellShadow Shaco skin (featured in the second picture) :)

TentaHentai - 366 views - Updated: 1 day, 20 hours ago
Shovel Aatrox

In this skin is aatrox with shovel instead of his sword This is my first custom skin hope enjoy it :). you can se...

Matyanson - 310 views - Updated: 1 day, 20 hours ago
Jojo : Crazy diamond / Nocturne

Is Crazy diamond , is a stand of Josuke of the anime Jojo : Diamond is unbreakable .

Felie Dantas - 465 views
Heartseeker Ahri (Concept)

This custom skin includes Custom model Custom particles Custom VO/SFX Follow the installation instructions text...

LbLoL - 1,224 views

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