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Green Beast Mighty Lee Sin

Might Guy inspired skin from the show Naruto Updated the HUD and Loading screen picture ...however still not sure ho...

Maximo68 - 270 views - Updated: 2 hours ago
Pulsfire Master :D

Nazdárek kašparek :) Kašpárci ;) :3

Kamiko - 3,549 views
Reworked Champion Splash Arts 4!

Reworked splash arts for Blitzcrank, Zilean, Anivia, and Singed

reapergrim24 - 1,381 views
Reworked Champion Splash Arts 3!

Reworked Splash arts for Shen, Poppy, and Tristana

reapergrim24 - 864 views
Reworked Champion Splash Arts 2!

New splash arts for Kog'Maw, Lee Sin, Swain, and Talon!

reapergrim24 - 882 views
Reworked Champion Splash Arts 1!

Updated splash arts for Ezreal, Akali, Caitlyn,and Irelia!

reapergrim24 - 948 views


jonnyrara - 464 views

made by Kinbaku_ken on twitch

jonnyrara - 593 views

Im Kinbaku_Ken on Twitch

jonnyrara - 550 views
Joker Sound pack.

Sound Mod needed for voice installs: Note: th...

StreetPrincess - 2,486 views

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