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Dj Sona [SKIN]

This is a skin based on the character C.C. from the anime Code Geass. When I found this image I instantly thought abo...

ilovesona - 1,441 views

Hi again, another redo of a skin I made to try and match its splash art, I hope you like it

pixysenpai - 559 views
Alien KogMaw

Alien KogMaw i saw hhe is broken in this season so i created a skin from him :O

Savvas919 - 1,025 views
Frozen Lux [Icy Particles + Cheap Recolor]

Wooxy is VERY HIGHLY recommended! SIU may skip important files! - if you don't have i...

PineappleSorbet - 1,402 views
Victorious Katarina

I've always wanted to see Katarina with blonde hair, so I tought that Victorious skin would fit perfectly for her! So...

rafear97 - 2,187 views
Red Lantern Braum

My First Skin q was bugged so i didnt change its particles (Credits to the guy who made Green Lantern Braum Helped a ...

Savvas919 - 1,030 views - Updated: 6 days, 1 hour ago
[Private HUD] Challenger HUD [Hot]

Private challenger HUD

VeryOp - 1,990 views
Glacial Titan Alistar

My first chroma skin! Recoloured Infernal Alistar skin to create Glacial Titan Alistar, Ice-themed Minotaur warrio...

RustyTron - 573 views - Updated: 1 week, 1 day ago
Daruis Demacia

Skin Daruis Demacia

thanhtruong110 - 1,898 views

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