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Order of the Lotus Jhin [+Particles]

An Order of the Lotus inspired skin for Jhin, the Virtuoso. Includes particles for all spells.

Vordie - 340 views
School Girl Ahri

I made a skin out of Blair Armitage's design - sorry, that the hat is missing ^^°. The loading screen is made by K...

Lavaminna - 518 views
Pool Party Riven - rework

Q particle smaller

windjino - 808 views


KOVU10 - 227 views

addssdd facfasfa

KOVU10 - 209 views
Snow Night Syndra

A simple darker recolor for the Snow Day Syndra skin (Replaces it,so you have to own it) Download as Wooxy file: ...

LadyOfDooom - 333 views - Updated: 18 hours ago
Alternative Art

So this changes the loading screen art (before you start a match and after the champion selection) and the client art...

Nutella Brownie - 1,914 views - Updated: 1 day, 20 hours ago
Candy Cane Miss Fortune Hair Colors *NO BASE REPLA

IMPORTANT: Remove from the name of the files the "BLONDE" "CHERRY" and "BRUNETTE" word...

Nutella Brownie - 716 views - Updated: 1 day, 18 hours ago
Pixel Heimer

Just a base Heimer.. But with Pixels :P

GeilsSchnitzl - 1,181 views - Updated: 3 days, 23 hours ago
Kalista Vert

- Direct link : - NO installation // NO original files changed // Complete with just some clicks ...

quynhnhi - 1,527 views

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