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Ahri Alternate art

Not my artwork. Just changed it a bit

zerberker - 581 views
hitler zed

hitler zed

yuballs - 2,467 views
Ravenborn Azir

DOWNLOAD - HD-PREVIEW - One color scheme was ...

Existor - 1,125 views
Ancient Wukong (for classic skin)

This is my recolor of Underworld Wukong. I made this skin available for the classic skin, but i have some issues with...

Racno - 743 views - Updated: 1 day, 13 hours ago
Ancient Wukong (for underworld skin)

This is my custom skn for Underworld Wukong. I just recolored it to make it look like a human... I guess. Well, it's ...

Racno - 1,781 views
Blue Corset Orianna by Sislex

I'm really creative with these names.. :D I retextured her Gothic skin, removed the cape-ish thing, added some pa...

Sislex - 1,332 views
Claire Riven (100% remodel)

Yo guys! long time no see :C New skin for Riven and you know... it's she... Lightning! My YT Channel: http://bit...

King-Nyan - 3,989 views - Updated: 1 day, 20 hours ago
Traditional Sion (Recolor only)

i'm kinda dissapointed since riot didn't make traditional skin for i made one in case...its just a simple re...

Xcaliburst - 1,614 views - Updated: 1 day, 14 hours ago
Haunting Zac by Sislex

With Harrowing just around the corner I figured it would be nice to have some spooky skin for a underrated champion! ...

Sislex - 2,050 views
Order Lotus Orianna

This model I get from game AION online. Hope you like it: D View full size image:

sutweb2 - 2,136 views

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