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Summoner Showcase #93: Shoes Fit for a Jester

posted 4 years, 11 months ago by Dave   

Summoners, behold, as fans just like you put their talents on display for our collective mirth and merriment. Fan art, cosplay, and more await you!

Surprise Halloween Fiddlesticks

Hopefully you wouldn’t be too frightened if you opened your door to find this art waiting for you. Be sure to give GisAlmeida’s Surprise Halloween Fiddlesticks some candy, or your house will be TP’d, egged, and Crow Stormed!

Fiddlesticks Scarecrow

If I was a crow, I think a Fiddlesticks scarecrow might be sending the wrong message. On the one hand, James’ scarecrow is one of the most frightening things to ever grace a front lawn. On the other hand, erecting a Fiddlesticks scarecrow is just asking for a Crowstorm. Suffice to say, it’s pretty damn scary.

A poem of Three Witches and Three Games

This poem by Somersetbingo tells the tale of three matches on Summoner’s Rift, with an ending that we’ve all experienced at one point or another. Read how the drama unfolds…in rhyme!

Zyra Makeup Tutorial

MakeupDisguises has posted incredibly detailed guides on League of Legends styled makeup, especially how to transform your eyes into Zyra’s thorny gaze. Ever wanted to lure your friends into a deadly floral trap? Now’s your chance.

Papercraft Wards

MrMeap’s papercraft wards might not reveal everything inside of a bush, but they try their hardest as adorably as possible. Now if only the rest of the team would get some of these… oh wait, they can! You can learn how to make your own papercraft wards by checking out this link.

Shaco’s Greaves

Custom shoes are cool—Shaco shoes are even cooler. Check out Se Virux’s custom Shaco shoes, complete with blood smears, Shaco tongue design, and that familiar red and black checkerboard pattern. If Se Virux clones these in green, I think he wins everything.


I had to stop everything I was doing to show at least 12 people this adorable Volibear cosplay by Juan. Let’s hope this dog’s bark is worse than his Rolling Thunder.


Must feed…right after I nap in the sun. This adorable Kog’Maw kitty won’t have a problem beating back champions on the Fields of Justice, unless the next champion is made of yarn. Perfect counter? I think so. Ruda1, DeusX666, and iqqq picked a great champion for their cat to embody.

Ferret Teemo

While we’re on the subject of animals dressed up as champions, I think this shot by Naheloa of her ferret dressed up as Teemo speaks for itself. And by speak, I mean “scream cuteness.”

You know the drill, summoners! If you don’t, take your fan art, creations, cosplay photos, and more and send them to [email protected]. Be sure to watch for your submissions in the next episode!