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Oktoberfest Gragas Now On Tap

posted 5 years, 1 month ago by Dave   

It’s coming up on that time of year when we don our lederhosen and gather around that first keg of the season for a little mid-autumn pick me up. Well this year, Oktoberfest isn’t just a bit of sport for summoners, because Gragas has arrived and he’s brought the barrel. Wearing his finest leather pants and sporting a traditional Bavarian hat, this is one Rabble Rouser that’s decked out and ready to drink you under the table, scrub!

Pitch in with the rest of the champion lineup to help Gragas finish off his beer in time for the new brewing season.

You can knock one back with Oktoberfest Gragas in the League of Legends Store.

Thanks to our German summoner Gunnar “Ayanor” Lippoldt for this amazing comic. Gunnar produces a lot of very eye-popping League of Legends fanart—for more, check his blog here!