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Champion & Skin Sale: Jailbreak 2: Break Harder

posted 4 years, 10 months ago by Dave   

A shadowed figure stands before a massive stained glass window. Over his shoulder, grey storm clouds gather on the horizon. The keening wail of sirens can be heard over the rumble of thunder.

The figure turns, revealing Lord Darius’ scarred face and smoldering white eyes.

  • Foolish move, summoner. While I, Lord Darius, appreciate your reconnaissance, your reward will be a cell of your own if we fail to capture those weaklings. No one escapes Noxian detention! 487 RP
  • Renegade Talon has the unique talents I need to chase down the prisoners. A deadly assassin whose attacks slow his targets? He exploits every weakness. Sadly, a messenger has just reported that this failure has had his blades dulled. 260 RP
  • Never send a man to do a monster’s job. Release Jurassic Cho’Gath! I rest assured that he’ll use his overwhelming force to feast upon their entrails. 487 RP

  • What now? The mammoth monstrosity moved too slowly? Perhaps Renekton can slice and dice his way to their hearts. Do whatever’s necessary; at this point, I no longer care if there’s a mess. 487 RP
  • That sand-blasted fool. Another escape and now Corki’s flying in to carry them away? The Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter has been spotted beneath the gathering storm. I’ll find the landing zone myself. 396 RP
  • I must leave you, summoner. It’s time to witness true strength! Those insipid outlaws will not evade the Hand of Noxus. Defy us, and taste your own blood! It‘ll be up to me, Darius, to… apprehend… them. 487 RP

Darius’ wicked laughter echoes through the room. You watch as he grabs his gigantic axe and heads out after the escaped prisoners. You’ve only got from November 30 to December 3 to enlist Darius’ prison guards before his return; after all, with their failure, they’ll probably not last much longer.