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The champion stats in the builder are currently undergoing a complete overhaul, they should be 100% accurate when complete. Until then due to the way the builder was changed champion stats may display slightly different from the correct values. Rest assured im working on this now and although it feels like a long shot im going to attempt to have all the champions stats completely accurate within the next 24 hours.
Patch v1.0.0.
LeagueCraft is looking for new Moderators! We are currently searching to find 16 members to bring up to staff to help us grow and develop the site, as well as stay close with our users. You can find the announcement HERE.
Forum post issue marked as "Guest" is now fixed After we went through the forum conversion, all the original post were dismissed and marked as "Guest" after days of work and fixing the major bugs, we have now finally fixed this issue. Thanks to Dave and his hard work that took him a lot of time and stress to fix. If there is any issue that you encounter, don't hesitate to report the bug/problem through Help & Support section.
Achievement Unlocked: New Forum Software After quite the rough patch (no pun intended) we've finally have the log-in errors worked out however an estimated 10% of all the accounts didn't make it. To read Dave's account of the patching please Click Here. For those with accounts made before the forum software change, please follow the steps below to reactivate your account and get you up in perfect posting condition.
Achievement Accomplished: 1,000 Fans! As you may know or may not, we opened our own Facebook fan page a couple of months ago. Right after we opened the fan page, immediately there were people "Liking" the page.
New forums are coming soon! Get stoked kids :D Be sure to follow us on Facebook for latest update of the forum maintenance!