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The first of the new generation skin installers has come out! It's still needs some work and can be a little tempermental for some people, but we appreciate the efforts and look forward to seeing it develop! Check it out, http://forum.
As you are no doubt already aware the beta client has now been pushed to be mandatory, and during the conversion all your mods were no doubt lost. A lot of people are still wondering what the solution is to the new system, and right now it isn't an easy one for most people. A summary of what's required has been compiled in to a step-by-step chart by ItzWarty detailing how to use his mod application to gain access to your beloved custom skins.
Hello LeagueCrafters! We hope you enjoy the new look and feel we've given to the front page of the site. At the top of the page you'll see your standard navigation bar, we haven't changed that.
Patch v1.0.0.
New Site Sections! We have recently added a couple of new sections to the site with more to come soon! the first of these is the REPLAY SECTION this is where you can upload LoLReplays to our site for others to download and view.
Leaguecraft Forum now on Tapatalk! We would like to announce you that we implemented a feature called "Tapatalk". Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and Nokia.
Leaguecraft Giving Away A Total Worth of $125 We appreciate our dedicated fans and our supporters. To show our appreciation, we are giving away $25 for 5 lucky winners. A total of $125 we are giving away!