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Talon has been added to the forums under the champion discussion section.
We're happy to say the QWER album competition is over, we ended up giving away 70 albums. If you were hoping to win be sure to check your email.
Orianna has been finished up and added to the builder. You can now create guides and builds for her @ http://leaguecraft.
The time has come to select the winners for the pentakill video contest! the winner for most views was Oni4Kage with his vlad penta, and the winner selected by the staff was MurdocUA for an awesome baron steal, followed by a penta, and good editing done on the video as well!. if you are a winner, read this thread for info on claiming your prize http://forum.
Site has been updated to reflect the new patch with the exception of a few minor things that need to be verified when the servers go live. You can view the review here, and read the patch notes here. Enjoy!
Go to and take a peak at the skins portal page, you can now see new skins posted, as well as high rated most downloaded skins!
Looks like ItzWarty has also contributed to the efforts again with his own manager and may be looking for some help. If you're intersted: http://forum.leaguecraft.