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League of Legends OLD Closed Beta Models

Old Champions:


Dr. Mundo (non-hulked):



Kassadin the Void Walker:

Unreleased Champions:
Voodoo Shaman (48th Slave):


Lee Sin the Blind Monk:
Posted Image

Gavid the Plant King:

Rob Blackblade:

Rob Blackblade even earlier concept:

Priscillla the Spider Queen (and her spider pet):

Water Wizard (and his seahorse):

Old Beta Chaos/Order Minions:

Order Melee Minion:

Order Ranged Minion:

Order Riding Minion:

Chaos Melee Minion:

Chaos Ranged Minion:

Chaos Riding Minion:

Old Beta Chaos/Order Buildings/Turrents:

Order Turrent Normal:

Order Turrent Angel:

Order Turrent Dragon:

Order Barracks Wizard:

Chaos Barracks Wizard:

Chaos Turrent Normal:

Chaos Turrent Giant:

Original Shop:

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