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LeagueCraft News

Hello!I’m Riot Reinboom and I’m here to drop some Sweet minion AI game documentation on you all.


Hi there,

I’m Pabro, a Product Manager, on the LoL Personalization Content Team (aka Skins team) and I’m here to give you all an update on Championship Riven as she will be hitting PBE very soon.

Worlds is a special time of year, and with the introduction of Championship Zed (surprise!) who rounds out a full Championship team comp, we wanted to look back to Season 2 where the championship line began.

Hey Everyone,

This is Pabro, from the Personalization team here to talk about the slew of World Championship related skins, icons, and good stuff hitting PBE for Patch 6.18. We're super excited to celebrate the 2016 World Championship with you, and we’re bringing a bunch of ways to show off your team pride in game.


Yorick has always been a practical man. He knew he'd need strength to destroy the Black Mist that corrupted the Blessed Isles, even if it meant fighting evil with evil. So he harnessed a whole world of evil in the cape that now clings to his shoulders; in the unknowable depths of the cloak swirls the essence of a thousand damned souls.

Champion and skin sale: 08.23 - 08.
Champion and skin sale: 08.19 - 08.

Hey all,

The last major update for Assassins this pre-season will be focused around improving Katarina and solidifying her functionality within League of Legends. We believe that at her core, Katarina wants to be a hyper agile, high lethality champion that rides on the razor edge of adrenaline and thrives in the middle of the action. She was our fourth choice here because we wanted to create a more fleshed out and richer version of this - one that is even more exciting to play, but with fewer game health issues then her current kit incurs.

Champion and skin sale: 08.16 - 08.
Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp BY CALISKER

Welcome to Ask Riot, where we focus on your questions and give you answers.

This week, we talk about the future of chromas and deciding which champs to update.

Have a question (or two...

Champion and skin sale: 08.12 - 08.