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LeagueCraft News

Champion and skin sale: 07.14 - 07.


We’ve almost finished dredging up League’s latest monstrosity! Tahm Kench is a tough solo lane or support tank with a taste for… well, pretty much everything. He’ll happily munch down on an enemy champion once he’s slathered them up, stowing them in his sizeable belly - and out of a fight - while the River King’s allies leverage their advantage.

Team Up Week’s a wrap BY RIOT NAKYLE

During Team Up Week, the community came together, partying up and giving gifts to hit 45.3 million, good enough to reach level 5. Head below to find a big list of everything you earned, and when you can expect it.

Champion and skin sale: 06.23 - 06.

You love him, or you hate him--but if you love him, you’re crazy. Teemo is the worst.

We talked to Jeff Jew (Producer), Colt Hallam (Senior Game Designer), and Brandon Beck (CEO) to delve into what went into creating League's greatest monster -- and more importantly, why someone would decide to inflict him upon the world.

Nightmare Tryndamere haunts your dreams BY RIOT BADTOFU

Don’t bother looking for his weak point, Nightmare Tryndamere only deals massive damage.

Drag a heavy, rusted blade as you haunt the footsteps of your foes with Nightmare Tryndamere, available now among the echoless embankments and voiceless knolls--or the League of Legends store--for 750 RP.

Champion and skin sale: 06.05 - 06.
This update’s an evolution of the existing UI and is designed to better support the way you play League by improving gameplay clarity through its better layout, improved readability, and added features. TL;DR We’re creating a more streamlined UI that doesn't obscure the play space and reorganizes the information based on how players actually use it.

These changes are all driven by tons of observation and playtesting, but like everything else, we’re looking for your feedback to improve them further.

Hexakill’s back and hexier than ever! BY FIZZNCHIPS

We’re turning to familiar ground with the next Featured Game Mode! We’ve hosted Hexakill on Twisted Treeline before, but this time we’re adding in BANS to the mix.

Hey all!

We have some more updates to our other maps to conclude our Cross Map Consistency Pass. Here’s some of the changes you’ll see going up on PBE soon.