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LeagueCraft News

Champion and skin sale: 05.24 - 05.
Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now! BY RIOT MIRROSS

Show off your skill with your favorite champs along with your dedication to them with new Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7. When we launched Champion Mastery, our goal was to recognize you for playing the champs you love, and give you feedback on how well you play them.

Champion and skin sale: 05.17 - 05.
Champion and skin sale: 05.10 - 05.

It's tough being different, and Taliyah's earth-shattering powers have always set her apart from the crowd. She’s a control mage who weaves the ground beneath her into a deadly weapon; when she sets her sights on a destination, the world itself shifts to get her there.


When out of combat, Taliyah builds movement speed whenever traveling near walls.

Champion and skin sale: 05.03 - 05.
Champion and skin sale: 04.26 - 04.
Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale BY RIOT BUBOBUBO

Back in patch 6.5, we halved the experience required to reach Summoner level 30 and saw positive results across the board.

We also mentioned that last year’s permanent discount on Tier 3 runes was necessary preparation to ensure new level 30s could afford viable rune setups.

Hey Vladimir fans (and other concerned parties)!

Here’s the thread to discuss all things vladimir - bugs, feedback, opinions, etc! To get us started, here’s a rundown of the full kit changes (bigger changes to Q, E, and R, so I put those first!