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LeagueCraft News

Team up and earn Party Rewards! BY SOCRATES

We all know playing with friends makes for a more friendly League, so we’re sweetening the pot for teaming up. For the next two weeks, queue up with friends both new and old to rack up IP with Party Rewards.

Champion and skin sale: 03.03 - 03.

Hi all,

Let’s talk about the 2015 season jungle. Up front: we knew the preseason changes were going to make things significantly tougher, but it’s clear we’ve misstepped along the way in both communication and design. Not only have we not done a great job of sharing our thoughts (present and future), but our subsequent changes to the jungle from patch 5.

Hey all,

We have some big changes for jungle tanks on the PBE today. As you might have seen from our highlight post on the jungle, we’re looking to solve some of gaps between tanks and the rest of the pack with a new tanky enchant as well as making Gromp explicitly reward tanks over other junglers.

First, what was wrong with Juggernaut?

Bami's Cinder

Total Cost: UnknownRecipe: Unknown+300 HealthUNIQUE Passive - Immolate:Deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Deals 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters.

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You’ve probably noticed that it’s been a busy week for music in the League of Legends universe. With that, we thought it’d be a good idea to round up a few of the Rioters behind the documentary Frequencies, the music video “The Curse of the Sad Mummy,” and The Music of League of Legends album for a little Q&A.

We recently shared our plans to update the Refer-a-Friend program to better serve players bringing allies into League of Legends. We’ll be taking the current RAF program down for the transition. The downtime may last a few days, during which time we’ll transfer players to the new program, including handing out any new rewards earned as a result of previous referrals.

After a brief stint on the PBE, Tristana’s ready to rocket onto Summoner’s Rift and show off her fancy new stuff. With redone models, textures and effects for all her skins, a new voice, and an explosively charged new ability, it’s a fairly fundamental update. Check out our recent PBE article for the full story right here, or just look below for some pretty pictures!

The start of the season is here, which means one thing: Time to grab your favorite duo queue partner and go Nexus-hunting! Last week, we asked you to brag about your best League buddy on Twitter and the Boards; check out some of our favorite responses below, and post a comment to let us know why your duo queue partner is better than everyone else's.