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LeagueCraft News

For a millennium, the archmage Ryze scoured the world, seeking out ancient runes and storing their power in his arcane scroll. Though Ryze cares deeply for his fellow men, he must forever remain apart from them—this often causes him to seem curt and temperamental to those he protects. The world may have forgotten the horrors unleashed by runic power, but Ryze remains vigilant.

Hello friends! Today, we've put a new feature onto PBE for testing. As the title hopefully implies, you'll soon be able to ping various icons in your HUD to automatically message your team with the remaining cooldown duration.

Champion and skin sale: 06.28 - 07.

Hey all,

Now that the Mages have somewhat settled (don’t worry we’re still monitoring them all), we felt this was a good time to give you a guys a sneak peek into what’s in store for the future.

Our next Class update will be focused on the class that everyone loves and loves to hate…the Assassins.

Why the Assassins?

Champion and skin sale: 06.21 - 06.

Heya everyone, it's been a lo~ong time since we've dropped a brand new mode, as we were busy building the RGM queue! To top it off, Nexus Siege is probably one of the biggest modes we've ever attempted making.

You came here to get details.

Champion and skin sale: 06.14 - 06.
Hextech Mystery Champion Shards arrive BY WINGFIELD

Hextech Mystery Champion Shards are here! This new item guarantees a random champion shard, which you can disenchant for a batch of blue essence. Provided you’ve got the skills to rack up Mastery tokens, Mystery Champion Shards should make unlocking level 6 & 7 mastery more faster-y.

Champion and skin sale: 06.07 - 06.
Champion and skin sale: 05.24 - 05.